How does Go Green Carpet Clean compare to the other Rochester MN carpet cleaners?

Our carpet cleaning process uses a method which is a "soil transfer system". A soil transfer system is a process in which the dirt, debris, oils, and stains are transferred onto our cleaning pads by using a vibration machine which basically "blots" the stains out rather than the traditional carpet cleaning method of soaking the carpets with an excessive amount of water and the extracting the water which results in soaking wet carpets that takes many hours if not days to dry, which can lead to growth of mold toxins in the matting of the carpet and carpet pad. We only use a 100% organic pre-spray carpet cleaning solution so you do not have to worry about wet carpets. Most residential and commercial carpet-cleaner will dry in 30-45 minutes unless there are heavy stain that we needed to really work at. Give us a try and call today for a free residential or commercial carpet clean estimate.

100% organic
  Harsh chemicals
Dries in minutes
  Hours to days
No reoccurring stains
  Reoccurring Stains
Kills Mold
  Promotes mold
No carpet shrinkage
  Carpet Shrinkage
Approx. 1 gallon
  Approx. 80 gallons
NO waste water
  Excessive waste water
Eliminates Odors
  Temporary cover up
Slow re-soiling
  Rapid re-soiling
Pre Vacuum (HEPA)
  NO pre-vacuum